Urban Grower Boot Camps

The training program that gives students the skills to establish, manage and work in productive agricultural projects.


Urban Grower Boot Camps are weekend programs, wherein participants learn practical urban farming and agriculture techniques. Our experiential curriculum can help anyone learn to grow using natural, organic and environmentally-safe methods. Having this knowledge is an important aspect of food security and self-sufficiency to help people, their families, and communities to eat and live consciously. The Truly Living Well model employs sustainable production methods that deliver high quality food, as well as enhance the environment.

Successful completion of training programs enable students to begin work on

urban agriculture gardens and/or projects


  • Working adults

  • Full and part-time students

  • Teachers and schools with a focus on garden education

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Nutritionists and dieticians

  • Anyone desiring to control and/or grow their food


"Truly Living Well's Urban Growers Boot Camp introduces you to a lot more than just how to grow a garden - it shows you how to be a social engineer, part of an engaged community that is committed to making real, positive change in our cities. This is about so much more than brewing a perfect compost or knowing when and what to plant. It's about becoming part of a movement. I loved my experience with TLW and would recommend the Boot Camp program to everyone looking for a way to bring positive change into their lives and communities. Thank you to everyone who works so hard bringing TLW's vision to reality."

- 2016 Urban Grower Graduate

"Through TLW I learned to utilize existing skills to cultivate my tools to produce and eat from my land sustainably. It is truly an Amazing feeling. I challenge you to draft a personal and business goal and pursue Urban Growing."

- 2016 Urban Grower Graduate

"The program was  intense and worthwhile!It has helped me to move closer to my goal of sustainable living. I'd definitely encourage others to take advantage of this experience!" 

- 2015 Urban Grower Graduate

Students will learn...

  • Garden design and management 

  • Composting for all levels 

  • Growing according to the season 

  • Organic farming methods 

  • Advanced gardening techniques 

  • Spiritual agriculture 

  • Plants and planting on an urban farm 

  • Irrigation techniques 

  • Business agricultural acumen 

  • And more!! 

How students learn...

 The hands-on urban ag training will contain… 

  • Weekend classes designed to accommodate working adults and students 

  • Interaction and instruction from master urban agriculturalists 

  • Readings 

  • Take home assignments 

  • Tours of various urban Atlanta farms and markets 

  • Final project 

Program Curriculum Overview 

  • Urban Farming in Atlanta 

  • Soil & Gardening Amendments 

  • Plants & Planting 

  • Integrated Pest & Disease Management 

  • Irrigation 

  • Advanced Gardening Techniques 

  • Harvesting 

  • Garden Planning & Management 



Urban Grower Boot Camp


1 Weekend

Friday 6 - 8 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8 - 4 pm


Urban Grower Boot Camp


4 Consecutive Weekends

Fridays 6 - 9pm, Saturdays and Sundays 8 - 2pm




For questions regarding Urban Grower Boot Camps, please email info@trulylivingwell.com.