2022 Classes

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Training New Growers To "Transfarm" Urban Environments

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture (TLW) is re- introducing farming as a viable, socially important occupation. Our experiential curriculum, adapted for all ages and audiences, can help anyone learn to grow using natural, organic and environmentally safe methods.


Sharing this knowledge through our training programs is a part of our mission to engage our community in developing local food systems through education and food production. Having this knowledge is an important aspect of food security and self-sufficiency to help people to eat and truly live well.

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Truly Living Well's Gardening 101 classes offer hands-on instruction that teach fundamental to advanced concepts for growing food where you live. The classes are given the first Saturday of every month at our Collegetown Farm location.


All classes include instruction and hands on experience, meaning that you will be getting your hands dirty! April Showers bring harvest! This is an extended 3 hours class which focuses on Gardening 101 basics. We will discuss composting, garden planning, year round planting, seed saving and other fundamental practices to help beginners and experts get ready for an optimal year of growth. This extended class will also support additional time for you to get your hands in the soil.

Child Attendance Policy:

Self-managed children ages 7 and above are welcome to attend Gardening 101 classes, with accompanying adult supervision. One child priced ticket must be purchased for each child in attendance, with adherence to our 2:1 child to parent ratio. Children must remain with their parents at all times and not wander around the facility. If at any time Truly Living Well staff feels that the children are interrupting or a distraction to the class, we may respectfully dismiss the family from the class immediately (class admission nonrefundable). 

Class Cancellation Disclaimer:

Each class must reach a minimum of 7 people to be hosted. If for some reason this number is not met class will be cancelled and you will be contacted for a refund or for your purchase to be redeemed for another class.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the case of inclement weather, TLW reserves the right to cancel gardening classes. You will be notified by email immediately with options for a refund or for your purchase to be redeemed for another class.

For immediate questions email us at urbangrower@trulylivingwell.com.

We look forward to growing together!