CSA Shares

Community Supported Agriculture

What is a TLW CSA Share?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a popular way for you to buy local, seasonal produce directly from the farmer. CSA members support TLW with the advance purchase of our natural, organic food. We use this investment to operate the farm and grow nutritious food. CSA members get the first fruits of the harvest or "share" of food.  Due to COVID-19, we’ve changed our CSA policies. Please click HERE for details.

CSA Information
  • TLW farmers provide an assortment of seasonal produce 52 weeks of the year.

  • Memberships may be purchased at any time.

  • Some specialty crops and food products may not be included in CSA.

  • Per COVID-19 rules, all CSA’s and Pre-Orders will be pre packaged.  CSA members will get a list of the fresh picked produce that will be provided in the weekly box.

  • Members have 4 months to use their 12 pickups from date of subscription purchase.

  • Fresh picked produce.

  • First and best of harvest for CSA customers.

  • More pickup times and prompt customer service.

  • Monthly harvest information 

CSA Share Pick-Up Locations

CSA members can pick up their CSA weekly at

Collegetown Farm, 1040 Lawton Street, Atlanta, 30310

*Expanded pickup days/times:

Tuesdays 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Fridays  2:00 - 5:00 PM

Saturdays 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

PLEASE text Amico, Farm Manager the best time for your CSA pickup. Please include your name, day and time.  Text to:  317-345-3195 (preferred) or email: market@trulylivingwell.com.

Thank you! 

CSA Share Sizes

All share sizes receive 12 pick-ups to be used over a 4 month span

Full Share


Feeds 4+ people

7-10 seasonal vegetables and fruits

Half Share


Feeds 1-3 people

4-6 seasonal vegetables and fruits

Senior Share


Feeds 1-2 people age 62+

3-5 seasonal vegetables and fruits


What does "CSA" mean?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join our CSA program you’re making a commitment to local agriculture by sharing the risks and rewards of the farming season with us. Each week we’ll prepare a box of seasonal produce grown by farmers. By prepaying for your fresh food, you’re helping us cover the cost of seeds and supplies we need to continue growing. Our CSA members are rewarded with the best we have to offer!


Why should I join a CSA?

CSAs are partnerships that benefit both farmers and you. Your investment in the farm helps offset operating costs of growing your food.  In turn, farmers harvest highly nutritious and delicious food that is grown without GMOs and chemicals for CSA clients first. You’ll have the benefit of eating what’s in season and a variety that you may not find in grocery stores. You also get to know exactly who is growing your food. Please chat with our farmers about what’s growing, and ways to store, eat and share our food.


Is my food organic?

Truly Living Well food is naturally grown! We use only natural and organic growing processes that include maintenance of healthy soils and bio-diverse systems on our farm; and no use of synthetic chemicals or GMO seeds, seedlings or plants. Please visit our farm to learn more about our growing practices.


Is all of my food grown on your farm?

Most of your food will be grown on our farm. Occasionally, TLW will supplement your box with food grown from our network of natural and organic growers to make sure there is variety in your box.


What should I expect in my order?

Your vegetables will already be harvested, washed, and packed into your box or bag when you pick up. Although we pre-wash everything, we encourage you to rinse again once you get home. Naturally grown food may not always look perfect. However, it is fresh and good. Don’t be alarmed if every now and then an insect or speck of soil is missed. This is a part of eating fresh from the farm.


What if I can’t pick up my box, do I get a refund?

We now offer three weekly pickup times to accommodate members' busy schedules. Please  do your best to arrive at the farm within the pick-up window on the day you've selected. We know life gets in the way, and although your CSA membership is the center of our life at the farm, we know it's not necessarily the center of yours ! So, here's our policy that aims to work around our members, limit food waste, and avoid a logistical nightmare for the farmers!


  • If you are going to miss a pickup or need to change your pickup time, email Market@trulylivingwell.com in advance. Please let us know two days in advance if you are making a change.


  • You may also send a friend to pick up your box in your place without telling us ahead of time (sometimes people give their box to a friend if they are out of town). If you know you won't be there to pick up on Tues, Fri, or Sat you may request a "double box" for another week. IF YOU SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE! Also, your CSA has a 4 month window for pickups. You may pause your pickups and schedule for a later time in the season.


  • If you miss a pickup and don't tell us ahead of time: Please know that your vegetables were picked, washed, packed and waiting for you. At the end of the day, we will donate your box to a family, senior or to free99fridge’s West End location. We don’t ever want our food to go to waste.


What are some examples of a weekly CSA or box?

All year round we work to include a cooking green, salad green,, allium (onion, garlic, etc.) and herbs in each box. We also include seasonal items. For example, cucumbers or zucchinis, peppers,eggplant or tomatoes in the summer; root vegetables, sweet potatoes, turnip roots, beets in the fall and winter. Each week we select what goes in the box based on what looks the best in the field, what we have in abundance, what we think our members will be excited about! For some people, eating seasonally can feel redundant; however, it is very beneficial for your health. Learn more about seasonal eating HERE . And, talk with our farmers about different ways to prepare your food.


What if I don’t like something in my box?

We’re not set up to do substitutions. However, our market manager will work with people who may have food allergies or medical reasons for not eating certain types of food. Talk to us. We’re always working to provide you with the best possible experience and introduce you to new and healthy foods.


How will you track my pickups?

We’ll take your name at each CSA pickup. We’ll record the pickup in our Point of Sale (POS) system and it will send a receipt to your email. If you renew before your 10th pickup, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your next CSA. If you refer someone, we’ll treat you to a $5 off coupon for a specialty or add-on item.



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