TLW Farm Sites

324 Lawton Street, S.W.

For nearly a decade TLW's largest farming site was located in the city of Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.  In 2011, TLW partnered with the historic Wheat Street Baptist Church to create Wheat Street Gardens, a six-acre urban farm designed to bring good produce jobs to a economically distressed community that is steep in civil rights history.  In April 2016. TLW purchased 8-acres of open space from the Atlanta Housing Authority, and began the trek to southwest Atlanta by moving trees, produce, dirt and materials to Collegetown.  Today TLW replicates the success had  in the Old Fourth Ward by  demonstrating the same growing and community development principle in southwest Atlanta. 

3353 Washington Road, East Point, Georgia 

One of the premier sites is East Point on Washington Road right outside of Atlanta in East Point, Georgia. East Point was the testing point for all of the products and services that TLW hosts. It was site of the first weekly farmers' markets, classes and job creation.  Today East point is the home of TLW's administrative offices and programs such as Growing Families, Seed to Harvest, and tours.

TLW Growing Sites
Fayetteville, Georgia & 
Harbin Road, Atlanta

TLW's produce, fruits and herbs are grown at our education sites in Collegetown and East Point, but also at two sites that are developed just to support farmers' markets, restaurant and grocery store customers.  These sites are on Harbin Road, where herbs are grown and in Fayetteville, were we use our naturally, grown organic methods to grow green leafy produce.