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Join us for various events centered around gardening, harvesting, beekeeping, and  creating floral arrangements instructed with educational and interactive purposes.


Get ready for spring with March Gardening Activities.

3/4: Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM

3/4: Composting 101-11 AM

3/18: Community Compost Training-10 AM

3/24-26: Urban Grower Boot Camp (3 Days)


We host harvesting education sessions focused around vegetation as well as learning opportunities for those who are looking to learn more about the process of growing local food. 

4/1: Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM

4/22: Earth Day-9 AM


Want to learn how about the fundamentals of gardening and the importance of bees? Join us for our May events. 

5/6 - Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM 


Continue to learn about gardening throughout the summer.

6/3 - Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM

6/12-16, 6/19-23: Summer Camp  9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

6/24 - TLW Great American Campout 6:00 PM



Have you ever wanted to learn how to make plant flowers?

7/1 - Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM 


Keep up your gardening skills with us for the month of August.

8/5 - Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM

8/18-20: Urban Grower Boot Camp (3 Days)


Fall is here. Join us for fall fun during the month of September. 

9/3 - Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM

It's time to fall harvest!


10/1 -  Gardening 101, The Basics-9 AM

Virtual Classes

Enjoy learning more about agriculture from the comfort of your own home.


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